India Facilitates Entry for Saudi Arabian Nationals

india entry saudi arabians

The eVisa that was introduced by the Indian Government in 2014 has updated its system and the government has announced that the electronic visa system will incorporate Saudi Arabian citizens in a bid to facilitate the visa application process and increase tourism.

When the Indian eVisa was originally launched in 2014, it was available for up to 43 countries, excluding Saudi Arabia. A year later in 2015, the success of the online visa process enabled the system to expand. As a consequence, the Indian Government chose to include more countries in the eligibility list, offering the eVisa to up to 166 countries.

As more countries are incorporated in the online visa system for India, the process of obtaining a visa is expected to become easier for both applicants and the immigration authorities in India, as well as providing other benefits such as promoting tourism in India.

The eVisa for India allows citizens of eligible countries to apply for a visa prior to departure without having to request an appointment at an embassy or consulate. This is a common online visa system that has been adopted by many other governments and immigration authorities worldwide. The application form is completed and submitted online with the final visa approval being sent to the registered email address.

Process Changes for Saudi Arabians Traveling to India

The original biometric system for Saudi Arabian nationals has been scrapped with the implementation of the electronic visa instead. Plans to make visa process changes began in February 2019 when the decision to include Saudi Arabia in the eligibility list for the Indian eVisa was first made.

Applicants will be able to apply for an Indian eVisa online for various travel purposes, such as business, touristic or medical reasons.

In order to apply for the visa, the standard documents for electronic visa application will be required, such as a valid passport and a valid card payment method in order to process the visa fee online.

This change of visa application will enable Saudi Arabian nationals to apply online and receive a confirmation email as to the status of the application and the ultimate approval. Instead of applying for a visa an embassy or consulate, this online process will enable a much quicker visa application that will be processed within approximately 24-72 hours.

India Online Visa for Saudi Arabians

The eVisa for India will enable Saudi Arabian citizens to visit India for 90 days at a time. The option to apply for a multiple-entry visa will be available as well. This will enable eVisa holders to enter India multiple times within a 1-year period. However, single entry visas will also be available to those who only wish to visit India once.

The India online visa application form is a simple form that applicants of any eligible country need to complete in order to apply for an Indian eVisa. The visa application requires basic information such as passport and personal details and will also require the applicant to fill in their reason for traveling to India.

This visa change comes as India and Saudi Arabia seek to improve their international relationship working on other international projects and investment plans. The new implementation of the visa process change for Saudi Arabians traveling to India is expected to have a positive effect on the economy, business, and tourism in India.

India is a travel magnet for those seeking adventure or relaxation as well as delicious food and mesmerizing culture. India is one of the most-traveled countries in the world and is now even easier to visit thanks to the Indian visa online. Travelers who are eligible are able to apply from the comfort of their home, avoiding queues for visa on arrival or other paperwork at border control.