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Delhi India Travel Advisory

Delhi, also known as the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT,) is India’s largest city after Mumbai with a population of over 12 million, and contains the capital of India, New Delhi. Located in the north of the country bordering the states of Haryana and Utter Pradesh, the NCT covers a total area of 1,484 […]

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New Indian Medical Visa Exemption for Visitors

The government of India has introduced a liberalised medical visa policy which will allow citizens to obtain medical treatment on other Indian visa types, such as the eVisa for tourism. The Consulate General of India has confirmed that foreign citizens visiting the country on an Indian eVisa for other purposes will now be exempt from […]

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Transit Visa for India: A Complete Guide

The majority of foreign citizens are required to obtain a visa for India to visit the country, no matter the duration of the stay or the purpose of the travel. The only two counties who can enter India visa-free, for unlimited periods of time, are Bhutan and Nepal.  Most travelers will need a visa for […]

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National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries of India

India is a land filled with natural wonders. Its national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and biosphere reserves have a wealth of biodiversity and many rare species of animals make their homes there. Famously, the endangered Bengal tiger is protected in many of India’s national parks and tiger reserves.

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India Visa on Arrival for UAE Nationals Extended

The government of India has announced that it is extending the availability of the Indian visa on arrival for nationals of the United Arab Emirates in a move to boost travel and improve trade relations between the 2 countries. An India visa on arrival (VOA) for UAE citizens is a double-entry visa valid for a […]

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Traveling to India with a Criminal Record

Just like many other countries around the world, India has implemented a new electronic system (the Indian eVisa) to assess tourist visa applications and grant travel permits to foreigners. This makes things easier for both tourists and the Indian government, who now has a streamlined process in place and can count on speedier screening at […]

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Overstaying an Indian Visa

India is a great place to enjoy a long vacation or during a gap year. However, overstaying an Indian Visa can have some severe consequences and should be avoided at all costs. With the number of foreign visitors now exceeding over 10 million people a year, the Indian government has introduced increasingly punitive and costly […]

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Guide to Driving in India: License, Regulations and Advice

India is generally considered to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world in which to drive. Indian drivers often take more risks on the road than what most Western visitors are used to, and road conditions can often be chaotic, leading many to consider traveling India by train. However, it is possible […]

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Traveling to India with Children: e-Visa and Advice

India is a family-friendly destination with plenty to offer to kids — from safe beach destinations to adventures in the jungle and wildlife encounters. Minors will need to apply for their own Indian visa and parents should prepare for their trip to India by packing accordingly and reading safety advice. Do children require a visa […]