India Visa for Indonesian Citizens

Indian eVisa Requirements for Indonesia

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India has plenty to offer Indonesian tourists, as its over one billion inhabitants offer a host of cuisines, hospitality, and cultures. India is thus a top choice for citizens of Indonesia seeking a unique travel experience.

Moreover, since November 2014, the Indian government created the India electronic visa, and has made obtaining an Indian visa that much easier for more than 160 countries through an easy online application that takes only three steps:

  • Applying online: where the Indonesian applicant fills out an electronic form with accurate details and uploads all the necessary documents as per their specific visa requirements
  • Paying the eVisa fee online: where the traveler of Indonesia uses their debit/credit card to pay the required application fee
  • Receive the eVisa via email: in a few days, the Indonesian applicant receives a printable version of their Indian eVisa online

The Indian Electronic Travel Authorization, also called the Indian electronic visa or simply eVisa, is a valid document that allows foreigners to enter and traverse through India freely and legally. With this visa, visitors can access the country’s most famous tourist attractions, enter India for business, and volunteer their services to a legal course for not more than a month.

The Indian electronic visa is also available for Indonesians seeking medical assistance, seeking to enjoy an informal course or visit friends and family.

How to Apply for an Indian eVisa Online from Indonesia

Applying for the Indian eVisa is a quick and straightforward process for Indonesian travelers that have a valid credit card and passport, plus a reliable internet connection.

The India eVisa application form can always be saved and continued at a later time if Indonesians are not able to complete it in one seating.

All foreign nationals intending to use the Indian electronic visa, including Indonesian nationals, must apply at least four days before the day they intend to fly or sail into India.

Indonesians seeking to stay or transit through India must also possess enough funds for travel and to sustain them during the duration they intend to stay in the country.

Indonesian travelers should note children also need to apply for an India eVisa. Also, an India electronic visa cannot be extended, so travelers of Indonesia must ensure they leave the country within the permitted period of validity of their travel authorizations.

Apply for e-Visa

Indian eVisa for Indonesians: Documents Required

As of the time of making the application for the eVisa, Indonesian citizens must have a valid passport with at least six months’ validity left and two blank pages upon which the immigration officer may stamp. Persons using diplomatic passports or other international travel documents are not eligible for the Indian eVisa.

Also, not eligible are people who are sponsored by parents, guardians, or spouses for travel.

For the online application, travelers of Indonesia will be required to make a clean scan of the biographical page with personal details such as name, nationality, date of birth, and date of expiry.

Other important documents include:

  • A front-facing and clear passport-style photo of the traveler showing the entire face from the top of the hair to chin. The applicant should not be wearing any glasses, and the photo should be taken against a white background. The photo should be uploaded in JPEG format and should be between 10KB and 1MB in size
  • If visiting India for medical assistance, the applicant must upload a scan of the letter of admission from the Indian hospital they intend to visit clearly showing the date of admission and hospital letterhead
  • For the e-Business visa, Indonesians should upload a scan of the letter of invitation from the Indian companies they intend to transact with plus a business card
  • For the e-Conference visa, scans of the letter of invitation from the conference organizer and the political and event clearance from the Ministry of External affairs must be uploaded

These scans must be in English and PDF format and should be legible.

Note: There are other Indian requirements, such as complying with the criminal record conditions to enter the country.

An email will be sent in 24 hours after the application in case if any of the documents uploaded requires to be uploaded afresh.

As soon as the traveler submits their visa application and pays the required fees, a prompt notification confirming the application should be received.

Processing can take a minimum of 72 hours, after which the status of the application for Indonesian travelers should be visible as either granted or rejected.

Indian eVisas Maximum Validity for Indonesians

Indonesians traveling to India using the electronic visa will need to print it out and have it with them during their visit.

The e-Tourist visa for India can be valid for either one or five years from the date of the grant, but its holder may only stay in the country continually for 90 days.

Validity for the Indian e-Medical visa and Indian e-Medical attendant visa is 60 days from the date of arrival with triple entry allowed over the period of validity.

For the Indian e-conference visa, validity is 30 days from the day of arrival, with only one entry allowed.

The visa is also non-extendable and non-convertible.