India Visa Requirements for Laos Nationals

Indian e-Visa Traveling Conditions From Laos

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Over 10 million international tourists, including visitors from Laos, visit India each year. Due to the continued increase in the number of foreign arrivals, the government of India has introduced an online electronic visa system to the facility the immigration process, and access to the country.

Eligible Laos passport holders can apply with ease and simplicity by filling out the India eVisa online application form, providing some personal information, and also some mandatory supporting documents.

Essential Indian e-Visa Requirements for Laos Travelers

There are several Indian e-visa requirements that are required to be met by Laos nationals in order to successfully obtain a tourist eVisa to India, which is considered to be the most popular Indian e-Visa.

These requirements consist of personal details and some supporting documents such as a valid passport.

The following requirements are deemed 100% mandatory for Laos nationals to fulfill when filling out the online Indian Tourist e-visa application:

  • A valid Laos passport with a minimum validity of 6 months when entering the country
  • A document-style photo of the Laos applicant with the desired India eVisa photo specifications such as a white background and the format of JPEG
  • A valid email address to receive the e-visa electronically
  • A valid credit or debit card for payment of the visa processing fee

These are also the general requirements that all Laos passengers must submit, no matter what Indian eVisa they are applying for.

Laos visitors should take note that depending on the type of Indian electronic visa they need, there are some additional requirements that will also need to be met.

Indian Business e-Visa Requirements for Laos citizens

The Indian business e-Visa also has its own set of requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to travel to India from Laos on a business trip.

In addition to the requirements listed above, at least one of the following items must be submitted:

  • A business card issued by the employer in Laos that includes the full name of the Laos business visitor, company name and contact details
  • A business letter, which is an invitation letter, issued by the company in India and addressed to the Laos business traveler. A signature of the host, company letterhead, address, and contact details must also be included

Indian Medical e-Visa for Laos: Additional Conditions

Laos medical patients seeking medical attention in India have the eligibility to obtain a medical e-Visa to India.

As an additional requirement for this specific online visa, Laos nationals must provide a letter from the hospital in India addressed to the patient and which includes the hospital’s letterhead.

A signature from an authorized doctor must be included also.

Laos Medical Attendant visiting India with an e-Visa: Terms

For Laos passport holders wishing to accompany a medical patient to India, there is a specific Indian travel authorization available.

In order for a Laos medical attendant to successfully obtain an Indian medical attendant e-visa, they must provide the basic, general requirements listed before, in addition to evidence of being a family member of an Indian Medical eVisa holder.

Up to two Laos relatives per patient holding a Medical Indian eVisa can apply for this travel permit.

Indian e-Visa Types for Laos Citizens

It is recommended that each Laos applicant wishing to apply for an Indian travel authorization carefully reviews the Indian eVisa types available before they complete the process online.

If a Laos visitor does not hold the correct e-Visa based on their traveling reasons, they could face denial when entering into the country.

The Indian eVisa is divided into 4 different groups:

After completing the electronic travel authorization (Indian e-visa) application a Laos traveler can expect to receive their approved eVisa to India within 2-4 business days.

It is recommended to print a copy of the eVisa approval in case an immigration officer requests to see it upon arrival.