India eVisa for Malaysians

India Visa Requirements for Malaysian Citizens

India eVisa for Malaysians
India is a famous traveling destination thanks to its rich cultural heritage. The mesmerizing beauty of the country make it a sure-bet for attracting visitors from all over the world. Travelers planning to visit India from Malaysia and other countries are required to meet all travel requirements. Fortunately, for most travelers, an online visa option is now available. If you’re traveling from Malaysia to India, you can apply for an Indian visa For Malaysians.

What Visa Do I Need to Visit India from Malaysia?

For Malaysian travelers arriving in India, it’s necessary to present an Indian visa from Malaysia at border control.

There are a number of ways to get an Indian visa for Malaysian Citizens. There are different types of Indian visa, although the Indian Government has recently banned the visa on arrival option. All travelers can apply for a visa online or at Indian embassies or consulates in Malaysia.

Travelers need to select their visa type based on their purpose of travel and duration of stay in the country. The Indian visa is available in two forms:

  • eVisa: this is an electronic version of the visa issued by the Indian Government to travelers. This visa type is issued to foreign visitors who plan to stay for fewer than 60 days. Application is done online and will be granted within a minimum of 2 days from the date of application. The Indian eVisa is designed for business, tourism or medical purposes.
  • A regular visa is a special visa designed for particular events which include conferences, seminars, and permanent residence. This visa type is valid for up to 10 years and guarantees stays longer than that of a tourist visa. They are glued to visitors’ passports from the day of issue.

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Malaysian citizens who want to visit India for a period of fewer than 60 days are to apply for an Indian tourist visa for Malaysian Citizens. Those planning to settle down in India are to apply for a regular visa.

Documents Required to Apply for an Indian Visa for Malaysians

Applying for the Indian eVisa online is the surest and safest method of getting a visa.
Before applying for an Indian visa for Malaysians, here are the documents required:

  • A copy of the opening and closing page of the travelers’ passport
  • White background passport-sized photograph
  • Work-related documents

Please note: Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of intended entry to India!
When applying online, applicants are to submit the scanned copy of their passport and photograph in the recommended specifications. Without doing so, your application may be canceled or slowed down in a bid to resolve the issue.

How Long Does It Take for an Indian Visa to Be Approved for Malaysians

There’s no specified amount of days the application process will be completed in. It can take between 2-4 days or even more to get your Indian eVisa approved. Every application submitted will be verified along with the attached documents. In any situation whereby a particular document isn’t completely satisfactory with officials, the applicant will be asked to submit another or rectify the default as soon as possible.

For successful visa applications, travelers will be notified of the eVisa approval via their email address. Applicants are advised to apply for an eVisa a minimum of 8 days prior to the appointed day for departure.

Apply for Indian eVisa

Travelers with an Indian tourist eVisa are allowed multiple entries into the country. This means that, in any situation when visitors leave the country before the intended date of departure, they are allowed to enter again with the same visa, no renewal needed.

The eTourist visa is valid for one full year and, in order to be granted this Indian visa, all requirements for Malaysian citizens must be met.