Indian Visa for Myanmar Citizens

e-Visa Requirements for Citizens of Myanmar

e-Visa for Myanmar Citizens

In an effort to promote travel to India, the Government introduced a simplified system that allowed travelers to purchase an entry visa online. This Electronic Visa for India (e-visa) was initially available to citizens of 43 countries. Applying for a travel visa online eliminated the need to visit the embassy or spend hours waiting in line at border control. In April 2017, the program was upgraded and no longer limited to tourist visas. The new system includes subcategories for an India business visa for citizens of Myanmar and visitors seeking medical attention. Plus, it dramatically increased the number of eligible countries.

Today, the e-visa is available to citizens from more than 160 countries. Applicants simply complete the online form, pay for the visa, and receive a printable e-visa via email that is accepted at most Indian ports of entry, including airports and seaports.

An India tourist visa for citizens of Myanmar allows travelers several entries into the country. The India medical visa for citizens of Myanmar and the business visa are also valid for multiple visits.

Do Citizens of Myanmar Need a Visa for India?

India visa requirements for citizens of Myanmar are much the same as the requirements for citizens of other countries. All visitors need a visa and a valid passport. An Indian e-visa is good for one year from the date of issue. This means travelers can enter India at any time during this one year period. Burmese citizens are allowed to reenter the country multiple times, but can only stay in India for up to a maximum of 90 days in total.

Travelers with a connecting flight that will not be leaving the airport’s transit area at any time while in India do not require an Indian visa. A visa is only needed to actually enter the country for a specified time.

Those individuals traveling from Myanmar to India for business purposes can stay for a total of 180 days and medical tourists are permitted stays of up to 60 days.

Required Documents to Get the India Visa for Citizens of Myanmar

Obtaining an India visa from Myanmar requires very little documentation. Indian immigration officials want to know who is entering the country and for what purpose, and once proof of identity is provided, an e-visa will most likely be granted.

Required documents to apply for an India e-visa include:

  • A recent passport-sized photograph of the applicant, taken on a white background and showing a clear head-shot.
  • A current passport, valid for at least six months. The passport should be scanned, with all of the vital information clearly visible
  • A valid form of payment: credit or debit card

How Long Does it Take to Get a Visa for India from Myanmar?

In general, getting an India visa for citizens of Myanmar takes about four business days. Travelers are advised to plan well in advance to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Correspondence is sent via email so travelers wishing to visit India from Myanmar should check their inbox for updates on their India e-Visa application status and to print and download a copy of their approved eVisa once it is received. This should be presented to the appropriate border authorities upon arrival and tourists are advised to keep a copy on their person during their stay in India.

Apply for an Indian Visa From Myanmar

The first step towards being granted permission to enter another country is to complete the online application form for a visa. The application consists of a few simple steps, such as entering personal information, double-checking everything for accuracy, uploading vital documents, scanning documents, paying the processing and visa fees, and clicking the submit button. Quick and easy.

Apply for e-Visa Now

The most important thing to remember is that this is a legal document required by the government of a foreign country. Any omissions or false statements can have severe consequences, including, but not limited to being thrown out of the country. Also, remember that each passenger must have a valid e-visa before traveling.