India eVisa for Slovak Citizens

Indian Visa Requirements From Slovakia

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The opportunities to travel from Slovakia to India have increased greatly since 2014. The installment of the Indian online visa by the Indian government has made it simple, faster, and most importantly, time-saving for the citizens of Slovakia to visit the country.

This electronic travel authorization avoids trips to consulates and embassies for those Slovak travelers who choose India as a travel destination.

Since the implementation of the Indian eVisa application, available to more than 160 citizens worldwide, the number of visitors has grown to as much as ten million international travelers per year.

Indian Visa Application for Slovak Nationals

The Indian eVisa online application form can be completed by Slovaks from anywhere in the world as long as an internet connection is available and the Slovak applicants have their valid documents available.

Slovak citizens can apply to the Indian online visa application by completing a 10-minute form with important personal information about them, key travel documents, and other security and health matters.

All the information provided by citizens of Slovakia must be true and backed by a series of legal and valid records.

What to do as Slovak after receiving the India eVisa

The processing time for the Indian eVisa approval can take up to 4 business days, it is recommended that those eligible to apply should complete and submit the form at least 4 days prior to their trip.

After the approval of the visa and entering Indian territory the visa holder should know that they are required to carry with them the printed copy of the eVisa at all times during the time of their stay inside the country.

Indian Online Visa Requirements for Slovak Citizens

Slovak nationals applying for an Indian eVisa will be required to provide important documentation and comply with conditions and requirements in order to complete a successful form.

Conditions that need to be met include having a Slovak valid passport with a six-month or more of validity from the period entry to India. This travel document should also have at least two blank pages that will be stamped upon arrival and departure by Indian border officials.

The applicant of Slovakia must be of legal age, 18 or older. They should also hold an active email account to receive their visa document which has to be printed out and be carried by the visitor on arrival to Indian lands and during their whole stay inside the country.

It is also important for the applicant to hold a personal debit or credit card to pay for the application fees for processing of the Indian online visa.

The Indian electronic visa entry requirements for Slovak citizens range from personal details to passport information.

In the ‘Personal Information’ section, applicants from Slovakia must enter the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • City of birth
  • Country of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Marital status
  • Religion
  • Health conditions, if any
  • Criminal records, if any

Detailed information such as name, date, city, and country of birth should match that of the Slovak passport used during the completion of the form.

Other important information that should be filled in is the information on the passport section. Slovak applicants will need to complete:

  • Passport number
  • Issued and expiry date
  • Digital copy of the biographical page

With all this information, it should be easy for Slovaks to obtain a travel authorization to enter India.

Indian eVisa Types for Slovakia

When completing the form, it is important for Slovaks to know the type of Indian visa that suits each individual´s case best. Depending on this, the application form will change and require to enter other information or submit different important documents.

The types of visas Slovaks can find in an Indian eVisa application are:

The Indian tourist eVisa can be used for tourism and leisure porpuses, it can also be used for visiting family members as well as friends.

The validity of this visa is one year from the date of issue and the Slovak visitor can stay for up to 90 days and can enter twice in one year while the visa is still valid, the possibility of extension is not available.

The Indian Medical eVisa, this type of visa is strictly for those Slovak nationals who wish to receive medical treatment in India. They must present valid documentation, that will prove the reason for their visit such as a letter from an Indian hospital and answering questions about the hospital they will be visiting.

This visa allows three entries to the country in one year and it is valid for 60 days from the date of arrival.

Those Slovak nationals who wish to accompany an e-Medical visa holder seeking treatment in India can apply for an Indian e-Medical attendant visa. This travel authorization can be given to up to two family members and will have the same validity as the e-medical visa holder.

The India Business eVisa is used for commercial matters only. This travel permit is a double-entry visa, with a validity of 1 year and the holder can stay up to 180 days upon visit. For this visa, the Slovak applicant must have a business letter or business card and will need to answer some questions related to the receiving company.