India Visa on Arrival for UAE Nationals Extended

india visa on arrival for UAE citizens

The government of India has announced that it is extending the availability of the Indian visa on arrival for nationals of the United Arab Emirates in a move to boost travel and improve trade relations between the 2 countries.

An India visa on arrival (VOA) for UAE citizens is a double-entry visa valid for a total stay of 60 days in the country. It allows citizens of the United Arab Emirates to travel to India for purposes of tourism, business, medical treatment, or as a medical attendant.

Besides being available for UAE nationals, an Indian visa on arrival is also available for citizens or Japan and South Korea.

How to Obtain an India Visa on Arrival for UAE Citizens

The government of India has announced it is only possible to obtain an Indian VOA for citizens of the UAE at facilities at the following select airports in the country:

  • Bengaluru
  • Chennai
  • Delhi
  • Hyderabad
  • Kolkata
  • Mumbai

It is necessary to have a valid passport from the United Arab Emirates to obtain a visa on arrival for India from the UAE. However, the facility is not available to citizens of the UAE who have any grandparents (either maternal or paternal) who were either born in Pakistan or are a permanent resident of Pakistan. Such persons are required to apply for a visa in person from an Indian diplomatic mission.

Additionally, the Indian visa on arrival from the UAE is only available to those citizens who have previously obtained either an electronic visa or an embassy visa for India in the past, regardless of whether they have actually visited India or not. First time visa applicants from the UAE are required to submit an Indian eVisa application, or apply from an embassy or consulate.

How Can I Apply for an India eVisa from the UAE?

In addition to being able to get a VOA for India, UAE citizens are eligible to apply for an Indian eVisa through a simple online application, which only takes a few minutes to complete with basic personal and passport information.

Applicants are also required to answer a few security questions, pay the visa fee using a valid debit or credit card, and provide a current email address to which the approved eVisa for UAE citizens will be sent. It is also necessary to provide proof of confirmed return flight tickets, as well as to have at least 2 blank pages inside the valid UAE passport to receive entry/exit stamps for India.

When completing an eVisa application for India from the UAE, it is necessary to double check that all of the information is correct before submitting the form. This is because even small errors may result in the application being denied, or a delay in receiving the approved eVisa for India.

The majority of applications are approved within 4 days, but eligible citizens are advised to apply as soon as they know their travel dates for India to ensure sufficient time for processing.

Like the visa on arrival, the India eVisa for UAE nationals is available as a tourist visa, for purposes of business or medical treatment, or for a medical attendant.

Advantages of Applying for an Electronic Visa for India From the UAE

The easy online eVisa application for UAE nationals saves travelers the time and hassle of having to wait in the visa on arrival queues when passing through an airport in India and expedite the process of obtaining a travel document for India.

Additionally, the electronic visa from the UAE can be used to enter India at 28 airports and 5 seaports in the country, as opposed to the more limited number of entry points where the VOA is available.

The eVisa also grants travelers longer periods of stay than that available with a visa on arrival from the United Arab Emirates. The Indian tourist eVisa for UAE residents allows a continuous stay of 90 days, while the electronic business visa for India allows a stay of up to 180 days with each entry. Both types of visa are valid for 1 year from the date of approval.